SCOTTISH alt-rock outfit The Violet Kind are preparing for the release of their new EP OXTR; a captivating collection which aims to tackle issues surrounding rape culture and offer a catharsis to those who are survivors of sexual violence.

It’s a dark and troubling subject but one that the trio have approached with delicacy and intelligence, particularly on latest song and video ‘Speakeasy’. Full of highly evocative lyrics, the slow-burning track cleverly contrasts dark, descending melodies with bright chords and ascending melodies to instil a sense of narrative; lyrics and instrumentation working in tandem to create a powerful listening experience as the band oscillate between quiet moments of contemplation and bursts of cathartic energy.

Lead singer Katya Mansell sings, ‘If I could have spoken easily / Time and time again I’d still say no’ as they liken the actions of the perpetrator to Speakeasies; hidden bars which existed during the period of prohibition in 20th century America. It’s a play-on-words that suggests all is not as it seems as they deal with the issue of consent and a survivor’s ability to speak out.

Check out the track and video below.