FROM the moment they first exploded onto the scene with their debut single ‘Shattered Faith’, VLURE have been on a rapidly ascending trajectory.

Founded on an unshakeable ethos of comradeship and self-empowerment, their ferociously urgent sound is a vehicle for vital catharsis and escapism; an opportunity to release tension and exorcise demons and trauma.

That’s not to say their mellow though, they’re anything of the sort – these are songs built for the dancefloor. An intoxicating blend of underground dance textures, towering synth leads, snarly, emotive lyrics and pulsing intensity, VLURE create music that will shake you to your very core. Taking sounds from the past (predominantly the 80s) and updating them in their own modern guise, they square up to you and challenge you to let go of your inhibitions – it’s a dark, gritty but ultimately uplifting listening experience.

We’re pleased to report that their debut EP ‘Euphoria’ lives up the hype and more. Featuring previous singles ‘Show Me How To Live Again’, ‘Heartbeat’ and ‘I Won’t Run (From Love)’, it’s a compelling listen that only leaves us wanting more. The opening track is an anthem of rebirth and self-discovery; the throbbing electro-symphonic soundscape lays down the foundation for Hamish Hutcheson to deliver his emotive lyrics – ‘save me from this misery, take me to a better day’ he begs over the towering instrumental.

On ‘Heartbeat’, the magnetic frontman demands a release over an all-consuming wall of sound made up of piercing guitars, rousing synths and hypnotising hooks. Meanwhile, ‘The Storm’ and ‘I Won’t Run From Love’ show a different side to the band – the former swells and builds in atmosphere, incorporating classic instrumentation, while the second is a more intimate display that sees Hutcheson’s brooding delivery supplemented by glistening synths and Alex Pearson’s wistful vocal runs.

Title track ‘Euphoria’ is a fitting conclusion – from its restrained opening, it builds and builds with a rush of energy and emotion, ensuring the EP finishes on an uplifting high. It’s the final act of liberation they so desperately crave.

With heaps of potential, we get the impression that VLURE are only just getting started. A powerful statement of intent for what’s to come, the only way is up for this formidable outfit.

Listen below.