WALT DISCO have always shown an ability to extend their artistic endeavours beyond the realm of music. Whether in fashion, music or film, the quintet have carefully carved their own unique space in Scotland’s creative scene that is entirely of their own devising.

Known as much for their intriguing visual creations as they are for their glittering, angular post-punk glam, the quintet dive into the world of video yet again to provide us with a visual accompaniment for their most recent single ‘Dancing Shoes’.

Directed by Dylan Moore, the new video depicts the band’s lead singer James Potter in nightmarish and dream-like scenarios, grappling with feelings of temptation, madness and euphoria as he tries to escape reality. It’s a dark and dramatic portrayal of the road to excess and the cyclical nature of self-destruction that comes with it. Effectively encompassing a remix of the song by TAALIAH, it’s an epic clip that perfectly captures the visceral nature of the song.

Walt Disco are currently on tour with their Glasgow goth-pop counterparts The Ninth Wave. They also join The Joy Formidable on a few UK dates later this month.

Check out the video below.