WALT DISCO have made a scintillating return with the release of a brand new single called ‘Weightless’.

The track is a powerful and deeply person reflection on James Potter’s experience with their gender identity as a non-binary person – their lyrical candidness set against a formidable, industrial-tinged track that grows in magnitude with each passing minute. At the heart of it lies an absolutely mammoth chorus – driven by thunderous beats, towering synths and chanting vocals before it all culminates in a rapturous guitar solo.

From deep reflection comes a powerful sense of catharsis and we are left with a beautifully hopeful message on identity, self-expression and acceptance.

James explains: “This song comes from thinking about how I live my life, how I present myself externally and also how I view myself internally. Lyrically it outlines my fear that I have not done enough to express my gender identity and delves into feelings on appearance and my body dysmorphia.”

They continue “However the chorus is one of hope. Its message is that it is okay to have not always been sure about who you are or where you are going, and that it’s never too late to start finding new parts of yourself.”

The band have shared an incredible new video, directed by Eric j Liddle and Kasparas Vidunas with set design by Furmaan Ahmed. Check it out below.

Photo by Furmaan Ahmed