The band: A shoegazing quintet from London, Whistlejacket are gaining plenty of positive attention since the release of their debut single ‘March Hare’ in 2013. The band have shared bills with the likes of The Orwells, Yuck and Night Beats. The latest single ‘Mr Melon’ comes from the self-titled EP that was released in November 2014.

The sound: Laidback grunge, the vocal drone adds to the euphoric wall of fuzz provided by the rhythm section whilst the lead guitar provides a delay filled melody.

The video: The band’s sinister DIY video for the latest single sees the vocalist being stalked and harassed by the other members dressed as clowns.

The lowdown: The single is taken from the five track self-titled EP that was released as a limited run of 100 cassettes. The cassette is available through Bandcamp.