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and its various sub categories are home to much of the greatest and most outright vital music in today’s sphere,  with artists seemingly unrestrained by any norms and free to do as they please.

Given how much this form of  music is thriving, it never fails to be exciting when two of its guiding lights team up for a frolicsome collaboration.

That’s precisely what mainstays Everything Everything have provided with their remix of ‘Blush’, the most recent single from Glasgow based Tenement Trail headliners WHITE.

Twisting and contorting frontman Leo’s lively proclamations in any way they see fit, EE have re-sculpted the band’s original into a eccentric dance track which threatens to siege the listener at every turn.

Loaded with warm synths, an uncompromising rhythm and pitch shifted vocals, it’s something which must be heard to be fully comprehended.

WHITE headline your very own Tenement Trail on the 3rd October 2015, with tickets available from Ticketweb.

Check out the video below: