white pressWITH a debut EP not too far around the corner, WHITE have revealed a video for their recent track entitled‘Recreational TV’. Already a firm favourite in their live set, the song joins a very extensive list of excellent singles from the Glasgow band, whose fine run of form doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time in the near future.

Opening with a throbbing electronic pulse and teasing synth riffs, things burst into life with Leo Condie’s resounding vocals backed by haunting, cult-like chanting. Continuing on from previous release ‘I Liked You Better When You Needed Me’, there is a dark, post-punk energy which engulfs the track; the prominent bassline and Kirstin Lynn’s steady percussion anchoring the stomping tempo with a foreboding atmosphere.

From here, a sudden burst of energy occurs on the chorus with more upbeat guitar riffs coming to the fore along with a rabble of vocals. Time and time again, WHITE prove themselves to be a band who will always keep you on your toes with the polished production maintaining the track’s dynamic live energy.

A hulking and muscular number which refuses to budge from the forefront of your attention, the track features an all-star cast of backing vocalists including the late Gary Watson of The Lapelles among other artists such as The Ninth Wave, Lucia Fontaine, The Cut, Baby Strange and more.

Its new video also features a plethora of cameos from Glasgow based artists, photographers and more all gathered to watch  hypnotic footage of frontman Leo Condie that’s reminiscent of the sensory bombardment employed by charismatic cult leaders and makes a broader point about our over-reliance on the medium.

Watch the new video below:


Having enjoyed a busy festival season this summer, including a storming performance at Electric Fields recently, the five-piece are gearing up for the release of their debut EP, along with a huge co-headline show at Glasgow’s ABC with Baby Strange.

Listen to this incredible new track now: