in one of the quintessential debuts of the year despite the fact that this is certainly not our first time being exposed to his talents, Arcade Fire’s Will Butler created something which is undeniably special with Policy. 

Erratic in the manner in which it leaped from genre to genre but never compromising on its quality, the album has vaulted him into the fray as a solo artist like never before.

Having previously released a video for the infectious track, Will Butler has returned with a set of new visuals for ‘Anna’ which feature Hollywood superstar Emma Stone.

In terms of musicality, ‘Anna’ sees him exercise the eccentricity that has long been ingrained in his stage presence. Featuring a sparse, 80’s influenced synth line alongside a vocal melody that wouldn’t have been jarring upon an early Beach Boys release; Butler’s distinctive vocals draw influence from timeless artists such as Bowie and Iggy Pop due to his seemingly spontaneous inflections.

Set aboard a decadent Art-deco era cruise ship, the new visuals sees the famed actress cavorting around the vessel in a trance-like state, encountering many jovial sailors and money flaunting passengers along the way.

Watch the video below: