FOLLOWING the release of their ‘Amun-Ra’ and ‘End of an Age’ EPs in 2021, Wings of Desire have returned with a soaring new single ‘Perfect World’.

Comprised of Chloe Little and James Taylor, formerly of INHEAVEN, the band explore the nuances of life through their sentimental, textured dream-pop, always offering up a compelling juxtaposition of the light and dark.

On this occasion, ‘Perfect World’ strikes a balance between pensive reflection and sheer catharsis against a shimmering, immersive backdrop and a life-affirming beat. Namechecking noughties New York indie and Factory Records as primary influences, there’s also a touch of Springsteen’s rousing anthemics to this new single.

The band say “Perfect World is about everything around you falling apart so that something even better can form in its place. Out with the old and in with the new as they say. It’s a melancholy sweetness against a backdrop of industrial optimism.”

Listen below.