THEY may take their name from a Polish soldier bear but there is something quintessentially Scottish about Wojtek the Bear and their beautifully crafted guitar pop.

Following in the footsteps of bands like The Pastels, Frightened Rabbit and Teenage Fanclub, the Glasgow-based four-piece have been gradually perfecting the art of melancholic indie-pop with each release; a genre that has become virtually synonymous with the city’s music scene over the years. Ahead of their ‘Second Nature’ EP coming out on 31st March, the band have unveiled their best single to date alongside an accompanying visual titled ‘Trivial Pursuit’.

Utterly disarming and emotionally rousing in equal measure, the striking arrangement offers a deft balance of wistful melancholy and shimmering pop melodies; Tam Killean’s reflective vocal delivered over the jangly echo of bright guitar lines and upbeat percussion.  Drawing elements from post-rock in its spacious and hugely atmospheric production, Killen is entirely engaging throughout as he laments over a misspent youth; “all my best stories, they came from bad decisions” he sings on an affecting chorus.

The accompanying video reinforces the warm, nostalgic qualities of the song. Shot on VHS by Catholic Action’s Chris McCrory, the video splices images of Cathkin Park and the Glasgow Necropolis together with footage of the band playing in the cluttered Voltaire & Rousseau bookshop.

Set to feature on the band’s upcoming Second Nature EP, you can check out the new track and video below.