WUH OH has teamed up with Belgian DJ and producer The Magician for a new club-ready track called ‘LIFE’.

Those who were gutted about Daft Punk’s break-up last month will find a lot to love about this euphoric track. Picking from both producer’s signature styles, it’s a vibrant display full of disco-tinged electronic and French inspired touches. All throbbing synths, pulsing drums and big pop melodies, it’s yearning to be blasted through the speakers of your favourite club.

Wuh Oh said ” ‘Life began as a chopped and screwed sample when I was improvising at the old family piano. With the addition of pumping drums, throbbing synths and an instant string melody that demands your full love and attention, Life became a triumphant and timeless-feeling nugget of pure house music gold. The Magician brought even more power to the mix, making the bass bigger and the kicks kick harder. This meeting of musical minds has resulted in a dance classic in waiting that sounds future facing whilst also nodding joyously to the French touch masters of years gone by’.

The Magician adds: ‘This track is all about living a fast life. We were heavily influenced by Daft Punk’s ‘Discovery’ album and also Justice’s ‘Dance’.

Listen to the track below.