WUNDERHORSE, aka the brilliant Jacob Slater, has shared a new single called ‘Butterflies’.

With each new single, Slater has immersed us in his unique sonic world – following his debut single ‘Teal’ with the spacious and hypnotic ’17’ and ‘Poppies’.

Reminiscent of Nirvana, ‘Butterflies’ is a dynamic and intense return – his melodic vocal delivered over tumbling layers of grunge-inspired guitars that gain intensity as the track progresses. Potent with emotion, there’s feelings of disenchantment that emanates from his biting lyrics.

As he puts it: ‘Butterflies’ is about a sexual experience I had with an older girl when I was still very young. I didn’t know what I was doing at all and it spun me out for a while.

I remember coming up with the main guitar riff, at that time it was the darkest sounding bit of music I’d written. The first set of lyrics didn’t really match the sinister nature of the music, so I decided to revisit an experience that made me feel uneasy the same way the music did.”

Wunderhourse has a two-night residency confirmed at Jack White’s Third Man Records in Soho at the end of May.

Meanwhile, Danny Boyle’s PISTOL series, in which Jacob plays Sex Pistols drummer Paul Cook, is set to air on Disney+ in spring.

Photo Credit: Alexandra Waespi