AFTER gaining widespread acclaim for his debut single ‘Teal’, Wunderhorse is back to show the breadth of his capabilities with the expansive ‘Poppy’.

A far cry from the riotous, feral punk we heard from his former band Dead Pretties, ‘Poppy’ indicates that Jacob Slater is no stranger to penning an arena-sized epic. Blending atmospheric shoegaze with melodic power pop, ‘Poppy’ is a wondrous thing that sees itself out with swirling psychedelia.

A huge statement from the newcomer, it indicates that Slater may just have a few more curveballs in his locker.

He says “Poppy is a song about a time and place long forgotten that suddenly returns to you in vivid recall, kind of like a dream that doesn’t belong to you anymore. I was listening to a lot of Jeff Buckley’s live album ‘Mystery White Boy’ when I wrote it, trying to work some of that kind of falsetto into it.”

Already displaying heaps of potential, Jacob also makes his acting debut playing Paul Cook in Danny Boyle’s forthcoming Sex Pistols biopic series, Pistol, via FX.

Listen to the epic new tune below, with accompanying video, below.

Photo by Holly Whitaker