and so yet it moves dale barclay
down every half-baked assumption that listeners may have had about his next musical evolution, former The Amazing Snakeheads frontman Dale Barclay is more subversive than ever within the confines (or lack thereof) of And Yet It Moves.

Following the high octane sonic voyages that were ‘No Way Back To Lunch’ and ‘Make America Great Again, Again’, the band brought out the equally dissonant sounds of ‘Ketamine Ma’am’ towards the end of last year and the huge track has now been paired with an appropriately nightmarish visual.

Far more abstract and unyielding than anything he’d released within his previous band, ‘Ketamine Ma’am’ is a fantastic summation of everything which And Yet It Moves do so well. Exploring the darkest and most uncouth parts of the human psyche through the mediums of howling vocals, poetic lyrics laced with stirring imagery,  frantic guitars and a blitzkrieg of relentless percussion, the track may start off as a slow-burning affair but escalates to the point of carnage over its ten minute duration.

The haunting new clip lives up to the track’s unnerving soundscapes. Featuring images of burning buildings and masked forest rituals, it is a strange and fearsome affair that has you gripped for its entirety. You can catch the band at Electric Fields festival this summer, tickets are on sale now and available via the Electric Fields website. 

Check out the brand new video below: