IRISH hip hop newcomer YINYANG is back with the fierce and powerful ‘Skitz’.

Brimming with fierce energy, the shape-shifting track is a striking amalgamation of hip hop and punk – biting lyrics delivered against fuzz-filled soundscapes in emphatic and unpredictable fashion. Full of confidence, this is a track that forces you to sit up and take notice – YINYANG is an artist forging her own path and we’re excited to see what comes next.

“’Skitz’ is referring to the sad clown paradox. To put it in a less decorative way, it’s when you pretend you’re grand when you’re not,” Lauren explains. “Painting on a happy face and using comedy to disguise the negative emotions you might actually feel. I’m terrible for it, I think we all are sometimes.”

“This song was inspired by a lot of frustration mixed with optimism to be honest, I wanted to write a song that will be the most fun to play live when I can, to sort of keep me positive, because it was written in such a shitty time of all our lives – lockdown 2,” Hannan continues.