The band: Young & Sick is from LA and cites producing, songwriting and visual art among talents. Signed to Harvest Records, Young & Sick mixes soul, funk and r&b to create an electronic-based sound. It’s just been announced that he is to tour with Chance The Rapper, joining Sweater Beats as support on the Verge Campus tour.

The sound: This new track ‘Ghost of a Chance’ brings together elastic r&b vocals, bubbling synth funk and 60’s tinged harmonies, with the video channeling the poignant and yearning lyrics. Following a female character struggling with ghosts and heartache, the video is dark, compelling and fitting for this lyrically-led tune.

The lowdown: Young & Sick will join the likes of Jack White at Corona Capital Music Festival in Mexico next month. The new single ‘Ghost of a Chance’ is released on 27th October 2014.