youngromanceALONG with the announcement that their long-awaited debut album Another’s Blood will be released on 25th November, London-based duo Young Romance have shared a new track by the name of ‘Pulling At The Grey’.

With a rough and ready charm, it propels forward from the outset with its lo-fi, fuzzy guitars and relentless percussion; the emergence of a melodic guitar line and Claire Heywood’s Kate Bush-like vocals adding some power pop hooks that lift it out of the darkness. With Heywood on drums and vocal duties, Paolo Ruiu is left to supply the crunching overdrive with his raw garage guitars becoming increasingly distorted as the track progresses. Above the fuzz though there still lies an appreciation for catchy hooks in their new-wave inspired songwriting.

With an idiosyncratic take on the popular guitar and drums formula, the duo show signs of a number of influences while maintaining their own distinctive sound; something that will no doubt come across on their forthcoming debut album.

Discussing its creation, they said: “We made the album ourselves. It has been quite a DIY effort. We felt that we had reached a point after working with different producers that we knew what we wanted to make musically. We experimented with different recording techniques through tape machines and various different distortion and echo effects units to help enhance the sound. We’ve fought very hard to create the music that we want and believe in, rather than what would appeal to a mass audience. We’re not sure that we fit into any specific genre but I don’t think you really have to anymore.”

Another’s Blood comes out on 25th November via Banquet Records. Check out the new track below: