AHEAD of her appearance at Tenement Trail 2019, Zuzu has added another indie-pop gem to her increasingly impressive collection.

‘Money Back’ is already a staple of her live set and will be a relatable one for fans who are paying back their student loans or working hard to achieve a goal. She says: “It could be about anything, d’you know what I mean? It could be about taking a loan and working your arse off to try and pay it back. But knowing you’re gonna fucking do it and then some. It’s about having some self-belief, really.”

It’s a bold and hopeful message that is reflective of Zuzu’s own ambitiousness. Arriving after a stream of indie-pop bangers from the Liverpool singer-songwriter, her good form continues as the shining track builds up to a chorus that’s made to be sung along to with its sweet harmonies and catchy melodies.