ZUZU releases her debut album ‘Queensway Tunnel’ next week – an album said to explore themes of change, addiction, sci-fi, escapism, identity, community, and the protection of mental health.

Written in the context of the pandemic, it’s a record rooted in Zuzu’s home of Merseyside – in its people, its identity, its iconic musical history – all of which seep through her thick, uncompromising accent and hook-laden soundscapes.

Ahead of its release, the title track was unveiled last week as one final preview – a rousing slice of pop that soars and tugs on the heart strings. Named after the tunnel beneath the river Mersey that connects Liverpool and Birkenhead – an area she believes has a real transformative quality – the song is a deeply personal one and her longest to date at over five minutes in length – her pained vocals and introspective lyrics delivered over a lush, swaying instrumental.

It’s a stunning piece of writing and a tantalising preview of the new album.

Zuzu plays Edinburgh’s Mash House on 7th December and King Tut’s on 8th December.

Listen below.