EVERYTHING in life is transient. Whether it’s our friendships, relationships or bodies, it all slowly erodes along the way on this journey that we call life. Having said that, the one thing that can be guaranteed to shepherd you through any rough or tumultuous time is the art that you hold dear.

With every week providing us with more than a smattering of great new music, there’s always something out there for you get invested in and add to your catalogue.

Encompassing numerous genres and nations, here’s our rundown of this week’s most pivotal new tracks.

Vulgarians- Career Dietary

If ever there were a fitting import from down south to help bring the curtain down on Scotland’s Dead Beet Records, it’s malicious punk oufit known as Vulgarians. Brought to the world on Friday, their new EP Almost-Instinct Almost-True is putrid rock ‘n’ roll in all of its grotesque beauty. Among the standout tracks is the ferocious ‘Career Dietary’ and is akin to The Birthday Party re-birthed in the 21st century with an intense focus on jagged riffs and ingrained aggression.

The Dunts- Birds And The Beez 

Spawned from Glasgow’s infinitely creative scene, The Dunts have steadily made a name for themselves with attention grabbing live sets and a sound that veers towards the right side of chaotic. Stripping away any highfalutin concept or social commentary in favour of an ode to what is it to be young, wide-eyed and intoxicated by the object of your desires, it’s an unashamedly rugged indie rock number that would cause a commotion in any sweat-drenched venue around the UK

Lylo- Submerge 

Refusing to bend to any expectation as to what direction they’re heading in, Lylo have made an emphatic statement on the sublime ‘Submerge.’

Ethereal and loaded with soulful incantations produced by a enchanting lead saxophone, it’s a track that intends to lure you from the monotony of the norm and lead you to a luscious, idealistic world of this Scottish outfit’s own creation.

Tired Lion- Cinderella Dracula

Attracting our gaze from all the way over in Australia, the alt-rock energy of Tired Lion’s material is a call that must be heeded once they’ve got you within their grasp.

After thoroughly impressing on ‘Agoraphobia’, the Sophie Hopes-fronted outfit have remained as exciting a proposition on ‘Cinderella Dracula.’ Blending pop-punk inspired hooks with an undercurrent of cynicism, their journey is one that we’re sure to be paying close attention to.

Haim- Want You Back 

Seeds of concern may have been sown for some aspects of Haim’s far-reaching fanbase when they re-emerged with the stripped back ‘Right Now’ but it’s no exaggeration to say that they are firing on all cylinders once again on ‘Want You Back.’

Loaded with the gorgeous vocal interplay that we’ve come to love from the band alongside heartfelt lyrics and the surprise inclusion of slap bass, the latest offering is sure to placate fans that had wondered whether they were heading off in a broodier new direction and will only compound the excitement that surrounds their sophomore album.

Yowl- My Headache Likes To Speak 

A band that made their presence felt on their debut EP Before The Sleep Sets In earlier this year, Peckham’s YOWL have once again attested to why there’s a palpable sense of excitement around them with the fantastic ‘My Headache Likes To Speak.’ Ramping up both the production values and their material’s menacing tendencies, their latest track is an effective summation of the ever-present fear of the unforgiving nature of modern society and the concept of gaining its non-retractable ire. Those heading down to The Great Escape should definitely endeavour to check them out.