THOUSANDS in attendance, a line-up that was bustling with talent from the first band to the very last note and every venue packed to the rafters without exception; it is no stretch to say that Tenement Trail reached an entirely new echelon with the 2017 edition. No matter how much organisation or foolproof planning may have went into the event, it is ultimately the burgeoning talent on the bill that truly make the festival for music discovery such an integral part of Scotland’s musical landscape and they were out in their droves this year. Ranging from plucky newcomers that exude ambition with every composition to visitors from down south that resoundingly staked their claim as future worldbeaters, here are all of our biggest revelations that we had the distinct pleasure of bearing witness to at this year’s event.

Cheap Teeth @ Broadcast

After fending off thousands of hopeful applicants to win the inaugural Tenement Trail T Break competition, Edinburgh-based group Cheap Teeth opened the festival with a set that proved they were more than worthy of a place on this year’s bill. Playing to an absolutely packed Broadcast from 2pm, the crowd was full of friends, fans and new listeners alike as they effortlessly won over the room with their thrilling brand of garage rock and catchy melodies. Looking to follow in the footsteps of last year’s festival openers Rascalton, the only way is up for Cheap Teeth if this set was anything to go by.

Anteros @ G2

Among one of the most hotly tipped of our contingent of touring bands, the intrigue and palpable excitement which surrounds London’s Anteros has only been magnified with their performance at TT17. Resplendent power-pop which has been weaned on the golden era of new wave whilst remaining unique in every conceivable sense of the world, the tales of whirlwind romances and their equally life-altering aftermaths bustle with energy and ambition. Performing standout tracks from their recent Drunk EP alongside airings of their formative material, it’s hard to imagine this four-piece veering off course as they navigate their way to becoming perennial favourites

Drones Club @ G2

Although they may come complete with an almost militaristic or cultlike aesthetic, it’s safe to say that the visiting Drones Club are not a case of style over substance. Bringing a euphoric yet clinical electronic sound that implores the listener to surrender to their refined sonic manifesto and pledge their undying allegiance, their combination of entrancing beats and moments of poppy levity amid the unrelenting electronica seemed predestined to attract new converts amid a Glaswegian audience whose appetite for innovation can never be satiated. Singles such as “Hurricane” and “international” may have hit with the greatest velocity but the entirety of their set ensured that every set of eyes was fixated on them from the outset.

Sway @ Nice N Sleazy

A band who have been on our radar for quite some time, it was a particularly proud moment to see Glasgow band Sway fill Nice N Sleazys to capacity despite being up against some fierce competition. The four-piece certainly pulled out all the stops, launching massive inflatables over the crowd as they brought their brilliant set to a euphoric finale. And while they tore through old favourites like ‘Planet Earth’, ‘Give You It All’ and glorious ballad ‘Haven’, it was the new previously unheard material that really stood out, signalling that the band have many more exciting times to come in the months ahead. Watch this space.

Fauves @ Nice N Sleazy

Despite playing one of the earliest sets of the day at Nice N Sleazys, Glasgow band Fauves attracted a capacity crowd who lapped up every minute of their glistening set. Boasting some of the best hip-swinging skills seen since Alex Turner last took to a stage, the band got the party started with their hugely infectious tunes, glitzy melodies and funky rhythms. Despite only having a couple of releases to their name, the half hour display was enough to show that there’s plenty more to come from the charismatic five-piece as they continue to win over audiences with each tight performance.

Catholic Action @ King Tut’s

A band who have made their presence known around Scotland and much further afield, it was no surprise to see people being turned away from Catholic Action’s headline show at King Tut’s on Saturday night as the venue quickly reached capacity. All eyes have been on the four-piece as they build up to the release of their eagerly anticipated debut album In Memory Of on 20th October so with the room absolutely packed full of buzzing punters, the atmosphere was positively electric as they took to the stage of the legendary venue. Inciting a rapturous response with fan favourites such as ‘Rita Ora’, ‘Doing Well’ and ‘L.U.V’, the band also surprised with a new song that has been earmarked for their second album; despite the first not even being out yet. It was a thrilling performance that will not only heighten expectation for the debut record but also showed exactly why they have earned a reputation as one of Scotland’s most prolific and exciting young bands.

The Ninth Wave @ G2

Currently attracting interest from all corners of the industry, it won’t be long before The Ninth Wave are playing venues much larger than G2. Having recently emerged with a fittingly bold new sense of focus and attention, the four-piece took to the stage with the striking confidence of a band ready to take on the world. Performing material from their outstanding EP Reformation alongside a host of unheard material, their combination of brooding goth-pop, intense rhythms and vibrant, cathartic choruses came to life in truly spectacular fashion. If this show-stealing performance taught us anything, it’s that The Ninth Wave have a blindingly bright future ahead of them.

Van Ives @ G2

Playing only their second ever gig, anyone lucky enough to stumble across Van Ives’ show in G2 was witness to something very special indeed. Utterly captivating from start to finish, the duo combined lavishly produced ambient R&B with heartrending acoustic balladry to astonishing effect. Against a deeply original and splendorous backdrop, Stuart Ramage displayed the extraordinary range of his voice, hushing the crowd with every heartfelt lyric and vocal affectation. Visibly excited to share their new music with the Tenement Trail audience, it seems that there’s plenty more to come from this talented duo.

Strange Bones @ The Priory

To say that Strange Bones almost tore the roof off the Priory at Tenement Trail would be a drastic understatement. One of the day’s many big talking points, the Blackpool outfit had the basement venue in utter chaos as frontman Bobby Bentham got up close and personal with the rabid crowd. Tearing through big dirty riffs and twisted anthems, it didn’t take long for crowd-surfing to ensue as temperatures reached boiling point. A must-see live act.

Dead Pretties @ Broadcast

They may not be as well-known to Glasgow as they are to the South of London, but Dead Pretties certainly made an incendiary impact last week in the underground confines of Broadcast. Attracting a very busy crowd, the three-piece performed thrilling renditions of ‘Social Experiment’ and ‘Confidence’ before hitting out with their fantastic recent single ‘Water’. Instilling their deviant rock & roll with a sharp social commentary, they brought their stand-out set to a thunderous finale as frontman Jacob Slater devilishly stalked the stage before jumping into the crowd.

Yungblud @Flat 0/1

Equal parts vibrant indie pop and politicised lyrical fury, the juxtaposed sound of Doncaster’s Yungblud is one that almost catches you off guard before slowly ingratiating itself within your brain. At just 19 years of age, Dominic Harrison has proven himself to not only be the architect of an infectious, radio-friendly sound that secretly stows away some of the most riveting and righteously petrurbed lyrics that you’ll hear this side of the conscious sound of backpacker hip-hop but also demonstrated his ability to turn in a truly incendiary live show. For those who perhaps overlooked his set at this year’s TT17, you merely have to wrap your ears around the auditory firebrands that are ‘King Charles’ and ‘I Love You Will You Marry Me’ to know that he’s got the potential to both inspire and enthrall the masses.

The Dunts @ King Tut’s
The Dunts’ rise to prominence over the past 12 months could be a source of inspiration for any fledgling outfit; from their very first gig in September 2016 to their Tenement Trail debut in September 2017, it’s fair to say that the band have made a sizeable impact on the local music scene. Either way, the four-piece must have been bowled over by the reaction they received last week at King Tut’s in front of an impressively big crowd. Despite clashing with festival headliners The Temperance Movement, the band delivered another typically raucous set; the highlight being new punk-fuelled single ‘Coalition of Chaos’ which has been enough to suggest that The Dunts are headed down a hugely exciting path.

Rascalton @ Flat 0/1
Not so much a discovery but a confirmation of everything we’ve come to know about the band, Rascalton’s delivery of the famed midnight set at Flat 0/1 was enough to suggest that the four-piece are very much on the verge of their big break. With a queue snaking round Bath Street as punters tried in vain to get in, the venue was on the brink of destruction as bodies flew towards the stage and arms were flung in the air to each and every tune. From opening last year’s festival to closing this one, there was no better band to bring Tenement Trail 2017 to an almighty finish.