AFTER seizing our attention with their thunderous debut single ‘Social Experiment’, Dead Pretties revealed another punk rock thrill ride by the name of ‘Confidence’ at the start of last month.

One of the most talked-about underground bands in London, the three-piece have been lauded for bringing the city’s music scene back to life with their seismic live shows. On their latest offering, they manage to capture all of this unruly energy and more with some of the most swaggerific bass lines you’ll hear all year alongside Jacob Slater’s venomous snarl. Steeped in sarcasm, their visceral and notoriously riotous approach is matched by their incredibly potent songwriting abilities; Dead Pretties have something to say and they want you to know about it.

Speaking of the new track’s inspiration, frontman Jacob Slater said: “The public is being de-intellectualised by certain outlets of the western media, who choose the easy path of reporting on bum implants and racists when they know they have the power to shift the focus of the public eye. The worrying thing is because the general public on such a regular basis consumes it; people have become addicted to wanting to know more about the Kardashians of the World. That makes these people powerful role models. I’m opposed to the idea that rattling like a near empty tin should be an example of how to live ones life. People are stupid enough as it is, don’t encourage them.”

The track has now been accompanied by an appropriately riotous new video. Recalling early nineties MTV, the clip features a wild-eyed and crazed performance from the three-piece and resembles a psychedelic horror in its unsettling and manic execution.

If the new video is anything to go by, Dead Pretties are sure to make a seismic impact when they arrive in Glasgow to play Tenement Trail this September. A band you don’t want to miss live, they will also embark on a lengthy tour around the UK throughout October during which they play Sneaky Pete’s in Edinburgh (1st October).

Tenement Trail tickets are available here. 

Check it out below.