RISING from the inner sanctums of Glasgow’s flourishing punk scene, TENEMENT TV are delighted to introduce an intriguing new outfit of the name Moskow Mule.

A band who have already cut their teeth by way of a few rough demos and gigs around Glasgow under the name Hunkybug, today marks an exciting new chapter as they unveil their very first single into the world. Launching themselves into the spotlight with a brand new name and identity, the group not only display a more refined sense of self on their debut track but also a ravenous desire to make their mark over a rollicking four minutes

A track we’re delighted to premiere here on TTV, ‘Infidelity is Key’ is a dark menace of a song. With nods to The Cramps and the psychedelic palette of 80s Matchbox B-line Disaster, there’s a gothic, uneasy atmosphere that emanates from its deep, galloping basslines and scratching guitars. And with its feverish vocals that multiply on the chorus, almost tortured and theatrical in their delivery, you are left with an addictive hook that buries deep into your subconscious. It’s a strong introduction that indicates an intriguing future ahead.

Talking about the sense of unease that permeates the track aswell as their motivations, the band said: “A guy called Rasputin helped incite feelings of trepidation and fear among the members of the band with a girlfriend. Knowing such charming men like him existed, with the capabilities of courting any woman they pleased creates a certain uneasiness subconsciously. It suggests maybe you’re not quite the man with the sexy beard and haircut, but the one left distrusting everyone around you.”

As for moving in a new direction, they added: “We started out as Hunkybug recording a few demos and playing gigs around Glasgow. Recently we decided to head in a slightly different direction artistically and decided to change the name. Moskow Mule was conceived by myself and Tosh after seeing a poster bearing the face of an exceptionally hairy male, the words “Moskow Mule” were scribed above his head. We have no idea who this man is, however we hope he is okay.”

The band’s first live appearance under their new alias will take place this weekend at Broadcast. Taking place on Saturday 6th April, the single launch for ‘Infidelity is Key’ will see a headline performance from Moskow Mule aswell as appearances from fellow local acts Fiendz YT, The Roly Mo and Das Plastixx. Tickets are available here. 

Check out the song below.