AFTER months of speculation, Aussie psych-rock titans Tame Impala are back with a brand new single called ‘Patience’.

A track that arrived with just an hour’s notice in the early hours of this morning, ‘Patience’ sees the band take the sparkling psychedelic pop of Currents and expand their sonic palette even further by delving into elements of nineties house and 70s disco. Anchored by a big, vibrant piano groove, Kevin Parker sings airily over a typically dreamy soundscape to create a track that feels like a euphoric dance under a disco ball.

Yet another evolution in the musical world of Kevin Parker, there’s hints of Mark Ronson’s influence throughout, but it’s more of an indication of where Parker is as a songwriter and producer; fully comfortable in broadening his horizons and reaching further into the stars .

A track that is destined to be a summer hit, it will undoubtedly go down a storm when the band headline Coachella next month. While a release date has yet to be confirmed, Parker has previously said that he would like to have one out before the end of 2019. He told Beats 1: DJ Matt Wilkinson “I would very much hope so. I’d be very disappointed if we didn’t have something out by then.I mean, I love playing the songs live – I love playing ‘Currents’ songs, I love playing ‘Lonerism’ songs and everything – but I think I’m ready to play some other songs live. All the instinctual things are there.”

Check it out below.