WHEN ‘This Is It’ landed unmastered in our inbox a few weeks back, our predictions that RASCALTON were a band to get really, really excited about were confirmed. Now in its fully mastered glory, The Glasgow band have produced a sweet slice of punk rock that is simply put, rival to international bands topping the chart worldwide right now.

RASCALTON have been peaking on the TTV radar for a while. One of the hundreds of bands who applied to play the opening slot at Tenement Trail, the Glasgow four-piece blew us away with their no-nonsence punk rock aggro flare. Bringing a unique, youthful bravado to the local scene, TTV are buzzing to bring you the exclusive premiere of their new single ‘This Is It’.

Recorded at 7 West Studios with Chris Marshall and Johnny Madden co-producing, the band have taken their sound to a new level with this recording. The guitars are bigger, the vocals are more perverse. And what’s more, they’re standing shoulders above a lot of world renowned bands right now. The only way is up for these talented musicians.

Creating a sound familiar on the scene at the moment, the band are in-line with the greats such as Slaves, Jamie T and Shame. They’ve got something to say and we want to hear all about it.

The band’s debut EP will drop in August on Public Records. The ‘This Is It’ single launch takes place tomorrow (8th April) at Priory in Glasgow. They’ll play alongside Pretty Villain, Pleasure Heads and The Vanities. Check out the event page here.

Speaking exclusively to Tenement TV, frontman Jack Wyles gave us an insight into songwriting: “We take song writing inspiration from everything around us really. Situations we’ve been in, things we’ve seen, things we’ve heard or seen on TV. I try to be pretty open to what a tune is going to be about whether it’s about a hot teacher or the messed up world we live in. ‘This Is It’ takes its main inspiration from everything that’s going on with terrorism just now. We don’t class ourselves as political people but it doesn’t take a fool to notice something is fucked up.

“This was the first time we’ve recorded live and there it was such a difference. We’ve been able to put so much more energy in these tracks and they showcase what we actually sound like live. We’re really proud of these tunes.

“This Is It.”

TTV are picturing festival stages and tours galore. 2017 is the year of the RASCALTON. Check out ‘This Is It’ below: