IN a city where new guitar bands are cropping up at a seemingly unstoppable rate, it can be a tough task to make yourself stand out from the crowd. However, over the past few months The Vanities have done exactly that.

Backed by an increasingly fervent group of fans who are growing in their numbers with every rollicking gig, the band’s addictive blend of indie songwriting and punky attitude has certainly struck a chord with a new generation of music fans in Glasgow; so much so that they were recently crowned the winners of Sailor Jerry’s hotly contested Take To The Stage Competition, beating off a fine array of talent to join Dream Wife and LUCIA at a very special gig last month.

Following the release of the fiery sonic assault that was ‘38’s’ earlier this year, the four-piece are now back with the second excerpt of their debut EP ‘Well It’s Not My Fault If I’m Uncultured’. ‘Gang Culture’ is an energetic slice of indie-rock which finds the band railing against those who harbour misconceptions of the younger generation and supposed ‘gang culture’

Fast-paced and delivered with an acerbic sneer, they match their youthful spirit with sharp insight; the brash raucousness of the Libertines with the punky attitude of The Clash. And they aren’t afraid to expand their sonic palette either as the riff-driven urgency of the track is only alleviated by way of some ska-aping rhythms which make their way to the surface now and again.

Produced by the enduring partnership of Johnny Madden and Chris Marshall, the band’s debut EP will be out later this summer.

Frontman Alan Hannah said of the single: “It’s from the perspective of people who view the harmless group of youth at the shop corner as a threat. Complaints of noise and fear of reprobate behaviour. Based on what they wear, or what they look like.”

“It comes from my experience and probably the familiar experience of being younger and waiting for a “jump-in” of alcohol, within 10 minutes you could guarantee attention, whether it be police or angry locals who believe you’re up to something. They’re not really doing any bother, but to them, it’s still Gang Culture”

“Working with Johnny and Chris at 7 West brings out the best of us in a band. Once you find producers you click with and understand the music, the ideas flow naturally. Johnny being in one of the Glasgow Punk bands that inspired pretty much every single band in the current punk

scene, to have at it and Marshall being the fucking wizard that he is! It’s intimidating at first, and they’ll get something out of you as a band, the easy way or the hard way, for better.”

“Your better have a thick skin, and good tunes. The best record producers you’ll find”.

Check out ‘Gang Culture’ below.