STATIONED in a vivid middle ground between homages to a bygone era and genre-eschewing experimentation, The Hoojamamas have long since affirmed their position as one of the most multi-faceted bands in Scotland. Never prone to stagnating in one arena for too long, their musical odyssey has taken them from the transcendental realm of psychedelia to the campfire revues of folk but their knack for momentous and resonant song craft has never faltered.

Primed to be launched at The Blue Arrow this Saturday, the band’s latest offering “All I See” is no exception to the rule and takes us into the delicate ecosystem of the human psyche.

Landing somewhere between Music From The Big Pink-era The Band and Scarlet Rivera’s innumerable contributions to Dylan’s  acclaimed Desire, the group’s newest work drips with sincerity and gentle empathy.  As their vocals intersect and bring distinct flavours to these ruminations on the pitfalls and peaks of human existence, spiralling violins express the cloying restlessness that rages on behind the eyes. Beautifully arranged and purpose-built for further exploration, bassist Jack Richardson shed some light on the intentions behind its construction:

“All I See’ takes us on something of a soul-pop journey and by taking elements from many different musical movements, you get a sense it could’ve been released any point after 1965. Lyrically ‘All I See’ is an honest attempt to understand the darker aspects of life and human emotion whilst yearning for a stronger dialogue around stigmatised topics.

“All I See” is out today via Holy Smokes Records, whilst tickets for the gig are available now via BigCartel. 
Check out the track now below: