A propensity for patience and hard graft are career-changing virtues in an ever-evolving industry where hundreds of new artists are discovered on a daily basis. Bubbling away under the surface of Glasgow’s ever growing music scene, Weekend Debt have demonstrated both of these qualities in bucketloads since their emergence at the end of 2016.

Known to gig in and around the local circuit on a regular basis, they have now opened their account for 2019 with the instantly addictive sounds of ‘Tour de France’. Brilliantly punchy in execution and more refined in its approach, their first track in nearly two years marks a significant step up in all the right ways as they look to make their mark once and for all.

Boasting bright and infectious guitar lines and driven by an upbeat, bouncy rhythm section, it’s a song that will see crowds dance away with youthful abandon. A tightly packaged slice of modern indie-rock with a Scottish twang that sees them follow in the footsteps of fellow countrymen The View, Weekend Debt may not be redefining the genre but there’s a propensity for song craft here that cannot go unnoticed.

Produced by Jamie Holmes and mixed by Tom Woodhead, the track will feature on a brand new EP which is slated for release in May.

Listen to the track below.