UPDATE: The TTV crowdfunder was successful raising £10,300 in Sept 2020 

AFTER almost a decade of supporting new music, we need your support. The #TTV10 Crowdfunder will support TTV as we come back stronger in 2021 with ’10 years of Tenement TV’ #TT10.

For less than the price of a couple of pints you can secure your piece of our 10 year celebrations, and help us secure our role in discovering new music, for both artists and fans.

How We Got Here

Tenement TV was born in 2011 in a tenement flat in Glasgow by a bunch of pals who loved music. Just like you and your mates, we think there’s nothing better than when the lights go down, the bass kicks in, and the chanting starts.

Since those first days in our tenement flat, we’ve shot 328 live sessions, covered 1829 gigs and brought you the best new music from 112 festivals. We have covered thousands of bands and got excited about A LOT of new music. We’ve built our own music festival, taken TTV Discover on tour, made New Music Radar the list every artist wants to get on, and launched our own podcast. We’ve opened the tenement flat doors to Bastille & Catfish and the Bottlemen, put Lewis Capaldi, Sam Fender and Yungblud in tiny venues and told you to trust us and “go check them out”. We’ve worked our live-loving asses off to champion brilliant music, from those tiny basements to the Barrowlands.

And we want to continue in our mission to help fans discover new music, and artists discover new fans.

Where We Are Right Now

The direct and wider effects of COVID-19 continue to decimate every aspect of both the music industry and the entire creative sector. The whole music business, from backstage to onstage, have come together to fight for our collective survival, but the struggle is still real. Every one of us, from bands to fans and everyone in between, just wants to get back to doing what we all do best.

But until we can get back to the glory days of sweaty nights in the venues we all love, the days of mud, sweat and beers in festival fields, and that familiar call of “who’s got an empty” at closing time, we need your support.

We want you to look ahead with us, to 2021. To celebrating our first 10 years, and come together to make sure there’s another decade of discovery to look forward to.

What We Need From You

To get involved and get your piece of 10 years of Tenement TV, it’s simple: you pledge £10, we raise 10 grand, then we deliver 10 incredible experiences. In 2021 in our tenth year, we all celebrate 10 years of mud, sweat and beers together.

We’re offering you a piece of Tenement TV in a way that we’ve never done before, so if you and your mates want in on a bigger bit of the action, check out the package options we’ve got.

We’re still figuring out what all these experiences might look like, but this is us, and it’s you, and it’s our 10th year, so you can be pretty confident they won’t be anything other than our usual gloriously chaotic and unpredictably amazing and memorable standard.

So maybe you’ll end up with a couple of passes to one of our gigs and some merch, or maybe you’ll end up with us taking over your flat and a big hangover but bigger memories, it’s up to you. (Government guidelines pending of course.)

Either way, we’ll see you down the front… Support the Crowdfunder HERE.