been an interesting month of sessions for Tenement TV, with a multitude of great artists from around the world crossing the threshold of our headquarters and providing amazing renditions of their original material.

Getting things off to a flying start, San Diego’s Crocodiles brought their incredible combination of traditional indie pop and the more dissonant and noise laden side of the musical spectrum to Glasgow and stopped by to turn in versions of tracks from their magnificent Boys LP. 

Tracks such as ‘Kool TV’ and ‘Crybaby Demon’ were rendered beautifully with acoustic instrumentation and ‘Marquis De Sade’; one of their signature tracks from their 2013 record Crimes Of Passion, reminded everyone of just how much great music resides in their catalogue.

Hailing from Madrid, The Parrots are an exhileratting garage rock outfit that have unlimited potential and have bowled us over with their creative and often delightfully bewildering take on guitar pop. Having aligned themselves with fellow Spanish outfit Hinds on their split 7″ and releasing the phenomenal Weed For The Parrots EP, the productivity of 2015 has many music lovers clamouring for more from the band. To anyone who remains unfamiliar with their material, their TTV session will most certainly serve as an stellar introduction to exactly what they’re capable of.

Our final session of the month comes from Australia’s DMA’s, an act that have slowly began to accrue a cult following thanks to their catchy yet nuanced material. Informed by Brit-pop icons such as Blur, Oasis, Suede and more, the trio’s music is an intoxicating proposition and is made all the more special by Tommy O’Dell’s remarkable vocal work. With tracks such as ‘Lay Down’ helping them build their name and pester the mainstream’s consciousness, there’s no better time to check out their TTV session before they get even bigger.