THE horrific and devastating attacks on Paris have rocked the world. And what’s happening around the globe in the fight against terror is both equal parts saddening and silencing. But I believe we owe it to those who have fallen; terrorism won’t stop the music.

A total of 129 people were killed and around 350 injured after a series of attacks on 13th November, with 89 killed at Eagles Of Death Metal’s gig at Paris’s Le Bataclan music venue.

A band shape shifting throughout their career, creating balls-to-the-wall rock tunes with their soul wholeheartedly imprinted in their music- Eagles of Death Metal were tragically at the heart of an attack in the city’s Le Bataclan Theatre. And the lasting impact the attack at their gig has had on the music industry has been making the headlines this week with a French music industry representative body filing for financial aid.

€50million – to be exact – has been requested in financial aid following a large amount of live music gigs being cancelled in the days since the attack and a huge impact on the sales of tickets around France. Global music giants Live Nation have said they will increase security at their venues and other industry representatives are expected to do the same.

The band has paid tribute to those who died in the attacks this week, saying they owe it to their fans to continue with their tour. The band won’t fill their mourning with silence, it wouldn’t be right. As a music fan and an individual who believes words and music can change the world, I believe it’s never been more appropriate to support the music industry. Buy the albums, go to the gigs, unite and protect the very thing that makes everything worth it.

We must continue; we must feed and encourage freedom of speech and protect freedom of expression. We must believe we have the freedom to be who we are and fight for what we care for; all the while rocking to our own soundtrack of hip-hop, rock ‘n’ roll, techno, pop or whatever! And in the worlds of the Eagles of Death Metal, “I’m tough, I can take it…”