WE’VE hurtled straight into April and the rising tide of fantastic releases refuses to be quelled for even a moment. As album releases schedules kick into high gear and we prep ourselves for all manner of Record Store Day fun all over the world, the world’s artists continue to clamour for the public’s attention with new offerings that are sure to entice, inspire or confront us all. Ranging from homegrown breakout stars to international artists, here’s the tracks that have occupied a lot of our time this week.

Lewis Capaldi- Bruises

Steeped in the traditions of the troubadours that have gone before him yet blessed with a refreshingly attention grabbing brogue, Lewis Capaldi has been an elusive outlier on the scene for a number of years but his new single most definitely serves as his musical coming of age. Instantaneously flooring fans with his staggering vocal work, ‘Bruises’ may be mournful and solemn in tone but it points toward a glaringly bright future for this Scottish singer/songwriter. Given the immense power which is emitted from every syllable and the emotional depth that pervades in his lyrics, it’s not hard to imagine that Capaldi could follow in the footsteps of countrymen such as Paolo Nutini or Roddy Hart in establishing himself all over the world.

Modern Pleasure- Bliss Up

Hailing from Leeds, Modern Pleasure purvey a slick form of indie pop that doesn’t detract from the emotions that are situated at the heart of their music. Loaded with engrossing synths and submerged guitar lines that rise to the surface with authority, their new track ‘Bliss Up’ is a breezy, summery affair that is among the punchiest they’ve released to date.

Walrus- ‘In Timely Fashion’ 

Preparing to release their debut album in June, we’ve got high expectations for Walrus’ first foray into a full LP after hearing the superb new single ‘In Timely Fashion.’ A relevatory experience from the outset, this new outing encompasses everything that was fantastic about their Goodbye Something EP and harnesses it in order to create a fresh new take on their psych-based sound. Lavish and expansive, this is not a band that is willing to follow the templates of the genre’s modern big-hitters and are more than willing to head off in their own bold new direction.



Having first burst into our consciousness earlier this year with the release of their exhilarating debut EP Every Time We Meet I Want To Die, the garage rock outfit SHREDD have returned sounding bigger and bolder than ever with a track that leaves nothing in its wake. While their debut EP fizzed and popped with infectious hooks, fuzz-laden riffs and a loose, carefree attitude, ‘Cobra’ sees the band build on their rough and ready formula with great power and intent; the result being a sonic assault of thunderous proportions.

Few will have expected such a marked progression in such a short space of time, but with Bruce Rintoul at the helm of production duties (Twin Atlantic, Fatherson, Vukovi) everything is far bigger, louder and more aggressive; all while allowing the band to retain the same ramshackle appeal and chaotic energy for which they have become known at their raucous live shows.

Ulrika Spacek- Full Of Men

London-based experimental group Ulrika Spacek have followed up last month’s scintillating ‘Mimi Pretend’ with another impressive offering called ‘Full Of Men’.

Described as the song which most strongly characterises the new upcoming record Modern English Decoration, the band have once again demonstrated their creative potential with yet another deeply expansive and captivating composition. Carried by a relentless rhythm section, the repetitive rumble of guitars is brought to life by flecks of shimmering melodies and washed out vocals. Recalling the work of Brian Jonestown Massacre at their most accessible, the dreamy track conjures all sorts of layers and textures as it gradually builds towards a stirring and intense finale.