FESTIVAL season may be drawing to a close but the past couple of weeks have been far from quiet. New releases have been coming in thick and fast from some of Scotland’s finest up and coming artists and we’re delighted to give you a rundown of the best tracks that have been unveiled in recent weeks. Ranging from Tenement Trail 2018 artists you need to get acquainted with to thrilling comebacks to big debut tracks, check them out below in our special fiftieth edition of New Music Radar.

Fauves ‘Bleep Blop’

A band who have spent 2018 honing their sound with each release, Glasgow band Fauves have followed up their hugely impressive debut EP with the delectably funky ‘Bleep Blop’. Living up to its quirky name, the track is illuminated by its cosmic guitar tones and groove-laden rhythms while Ryan Caldwell’s vocals are delivered confidently in his signature falsetto. Even boasting a flourish of brass on its devilishly infectious chorus, ‘Bleep Blop’ sees Fauves push the boundaries of their inventiveness even further and we’re excited to see what comes next.

The Dunts ‘Witch Hunt’ 

Debuted on Huw Stephens’ show on Wednesday, The Dunts are back and on blistering form with ‘Witch Hunt.’ Inspired by Johnny Rotten’s desire to murder Mick Jagger, Jimmy Saville and ‘about 200 others’ in 1978 that led to his blackballing from the BBC, their latest track sees the ageing punk pioneer exact his plan of righteous vengeance over an uproarious foundation of drums and piercing guitars. Charting his rampage that constitutes his parting gift to earth, a doff of the cap must be offered to the production team for their ingenious use of a shutter-speed effect on the guitars that embodies his killing spree being filmed for prosperity. Far more interesting from a lyrical standpoint than a banal tale of boy meets girl or another token ode to hedonism on indie rock’s endless stockpile, ‘Witch Hunt’ is a testament to The Dunts’ far-reaching ambition and its catchy refrains will stand them in good stead when they hit the festival stages this summer.

Zoe Graham ‘Industrial Strength’

Another artist set to make her presence known at Tenement Trail this year, Zoe Graham has kicked the weekend off with the release of a new single called ‘Industrial Strength’. A seasoned gig veteran who is frequently on support duty around Glasgow, 2018 has been a breakthrough year for Graham who has seized hearts and minds all over the country with her spellbinding performances and beautifully delicate creations. With a voice that has the ability to stop you in your tracks, ‘Industrial Strength’ is the perfect introduction for the uninitiated; layered with vivid lyricism and twinkling melodies, it’s warm, quirky and utterly entrancing. Having spent a significant amount of time honing her folk influences into something modern and entirely unique, it’s quite clear that we have a very special artist on our hands. We suspect her talents won’t stay under the radar for much longer.

LUCIA ‘Summertime’ 

A relentless touring schedule has seen LUCIA play everywhere and anywhere this summer; the frontwoman and her band have won the hearts of fans and critics alike all over their hometown and far beyond with their modern, punchy take on rock’n’roll. Latest single ‘Summertime’ indicates that the band are taking things up a notch though. An effortless slice of sparkling dream-pop, Lucia reminisces about holiday romances and their painfully short lifespan with wide-eyed ambition and teenage glee. Channelling sixties girls groups such as The Ronettes, it’s a simple, upbeat and seasonally appropriate track from one of Glasgow’s brightest stars. Produced by Jim Abbiss (Arctic Monkeys, Adele) and mixed by Craig Silvey (Arcade Fire, Florence and the Machine), the song will feature on upcoming EP Cheap Talk, slated for arrival in October.

Paris Street Rebels ‘Freakshow’ 

Ahead of their Glasgow debut this weekend at Broadcast, Paris Street Rebels have announced their arrival with the release of their very first track ‘Freakshow’. A formidable introduction if ever there was one, the band have burst out of Fife with a bold manifesto, fuelled by a simmering discontentment and desire to escape the mundane: “We started this thing not to be accepted we couldn’t give a fuck at this point. We just knew we couldn’t live with keeping our mouths shut any longer. Buy that television , earn that pay rise, if that’s who you are……but if it’s not….don’t pretend that you mean it.” Produced by Johnny Madden and Chris Marshall (The Dunts, Heavy Rapids, Rascalton), their debut single sets a precedent across five minutes of blistering drums, razor sharp riffs and call-to-arms lyrics.

YONAKA ‘Teach Me How To Fight’ EP 

One of the big touring names confirmed for this year’s Tenement Trail, YONAKA unveiled their new EP Teach Me How To Fight last week. Bursting with ambition, it consists of four volcanic tracks; armoured with QOTSA-style riffs, hip-hop rhythms and a rogueish attitude, nothing is held back. Fronted by the inimitable Theresa Jarvis, the foursome have amped up the intensity and urgency on their second EP.

SWAY ‘Another Lover’ 

Back with their first single since last year’s ‘To Be A Man’, SWAY’s ‘Another Lover’  is a thrilling, fuzz-tinged look at an irreplaceable connection that’s slipped through your fingers. Filled with entrancing guitars, brooding bass lines and the customarily emphatic percussion that’s became a prerequisite of their sound, this latest single resonates as the clearest representation of the sheer power of their live shows that’s been captured on record and it’s the sort of polished product that will act as an auditory skeleton key and open many prosperous doors for them going forward.