ttv discover radarWE’VE once again found ourselves inundated with a new batch of discoveries which it would be remiss of us not to bring to our new music-hungry readership. Ranging from psychedelia and punk to trippy r&b, here’s a rundown of some new artists that demand your immediate attention.


Armed with a traditionally minded yet inherently fresh take on rock ‘n’ roll, The Severed Limb have followed the lead of Bauhaus with a musical ode to the horror icon. Incorporating menacing organ alongside a soundtrack of muscular guitar riffs and charismatic vocals, the latest offering from the London based group is available now with a limited edition 7″ set to follow in the near future.


Forming in New York City back in 2014, Field Trip are self-proclaimed ‘void pop’ outfit and it’s easy to see why once you embark on a journey through their catalogue. Filled with trippy textures and meandering musical excursions, the band’s debut album Horror Vacui has the potential to swallow you whole with its waves of melodic beauty.



Exuding a playful sound the likes of which has been known to catapult bands into the watchful glare of the mainstream, Childcare are one of those special breeds of indie bands that manage to incorporate elements of further reaching and nuanced sounds without a single air of pretension. A whimsical and romantic affair which is all boisterous guitar and gripping hooks, don’t be surprised to see Childcare on a number of increasingly bigger bills as we head into 2017.


TIGERCUB (England)

Based in Brighton, your first encounter with Tigercub is the kind of moment which puts goosebumps on your arm and causes your mind to spring to life with endless possibilities. While there’ll likely be countless lazy comparisons made to artists such as Radiohead and other alt-rock forebearers, their debut album Abstract Figures In The Dark transcends genres for fun and leaves us pining for more in the near future.

Mass Datura (England)

There’s moments when a band’s potential is almost magically distilled into a short burst of music and that’s exactly what Mass Datura accomplish upon both ‘Feel Me Human’ and its accompanying B side ‘Dream Thief.’ Veering between psychedelic effervescence and unrestricted emotion, the London based group have put the world on notice and it’s exciting to ponder where their sound could possibly lead next.


Ambience and serenity amid a period of widespread upheaval, Reddish Blu’s ‘More Detachments’  is the essential antidote to a world filled with hatred. The owner of one of the most soothing voices that’s emerged in years, the minimalistic sound and luscious warmth of her latest offering is most certainly not to be missed.