ttv discover radarCONSTANTLY scouring the internet and trawling through press release after press release to uncover the diamonds in the rough of this bustling and constantly evolving music industry, we’ve compiled another set of great new artists and releases that demand your immediate attention.


Hailing from South London, Horsey a band that exude danger and brooding menace. Boldly experimenting with off-kilter rhythms and any eccentric idea that they can conjure up, the result is an otherwordly and deeply unsettling sound that you can’t help but be engrossed by.


Exploding out of their home nation with a refreshingly unhinged sound which doesn’t suffer any fools gladly, Mind Rays are preparing to release their debut album in March of next year and it’s one which we can’t wait to immerse ourselves in. Taking heed of the genre’s trailblazers and pushing their sound in a direction which sounds as confrontational as humanly possible, ‘Still  & All’ is a fantastic introduction to what the band are capable of at full pelt.


Roxy Agogo’s triumphant return has been a sight to behold and we had the pleasure of premiering the fantastic ‘INFATUATION’ earlier this week. The final entry in his analysis of the correlating themes of lust and obsession, the track itself is angular post punk mixed with pining vocals and a hint of industrial abrasion.


Having made their presence well and truly known on the international stage during their first go, TTV were delighted to see The Imagineers return to the fray with ‘Utopian Dreams.’ Taken from their upcoming debut record of the same name, ‘Utopian Dreams’  sees the band sounding every bit as essential as ever throughout the expansive, Ennio Morricone inspired release.


Based in the creative hotbed that is Los Angeles, Trip Carter that seems to be on the cusp of a real breakthrough. Blessed with an impeccable flow and razor sharp wit, his debut EP Grown Problems is an engaging listen from start to finish with ‘Visa’, ‘Safehaus’ and ‘Extra’ standing out among his finest work that he’s released as of yet.


First thoroughly capturing our hearts and minds during their performance on the TTV stage at Stag & Dagger, Tempesst are a very exciting proposition and continue to enthrall us with each new release. Steeped in neo-psychedelia with traditional rock ‘n’ roll overtones, the band’s brand new track ‘Sunflower Lady’ is destined to gain them throngs of new converts.