wave machines interview

A BAND of family men that don’t really have time for late nights and a rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle make up Wave Machines: “Honestly, we have made no plans to see any bands during Liverpool Soundcity!. We are all family men with children. Going out and seeing bands is a lovely idea but it’s not reality.”

And during Liverpool Soundcity! Is where Tenement TV make time for Wave Machines, their set effortless and well-received from the home crowd. Early nights is perhaps a key to their music, their song Keep the Lights on was picked for a worldwide campaign by car-giants Volkswagen, their music has since transcended to their ears of TV-watchers with many admitting on Youtube to finding their way to the track thanks to the advert.

Commercial-stardom aside, Wave Machines are at the heart of it, passionate about music.  The quartet formed in 2007, released their debut Wave If You’re Really There in 2009 and their follow-up Pollen at the start of 2013. Their mellow-electronic music is played under perfectly-pronounced lyrics which sets them alongside the heavyweights in the electronic-pop market.

“Liverpool Sound City! Has got Tenement TV here from Glasgow, it’s that kind of thing really that makes Liverpool. People from all over the shop come and celebrate music in Liverpool. People fly in from Europe and everything to be part of it.”

Closer to Tenement TV’s home, the band have recently played Broadcast in Glasgow to great critical-acclaim: “Broadcast was good but there weren’t enough chairs in the dressing room. We have been to King Tuts a few times, so nice to change it up a bit.

“But seriously, the chair thing. Our support act were all lounging over the floor and everything. Lovely food and venue though.”

The band’s most recent effort was mixed at the infamous Konk Studios, founded by The Kinks in the 70’s and later resided by the likes of The Stone Roses and Arctic Monkeys: “The guy who worked with us and who mixed the album knows the room well and he knew the sound well.

“You need to trust what your hearing in the speakers can translate to the rest of the world.

“The studio is weird, it was decorated in the early 90’s and don’t think it’s been touched since.”

Wave Machines are playing Latitude and Kendal Calling Festivals this July.

By Nadine Walker