highly unexpected yet no less welcomed collaboration, it has been revealed that punk icon Iggy Pop, QOTSA’s Josh Homme and Arctic Monkeys’ Matt Helders have teamed for a collaborative album.

Wittingly entitled Post Pop Depression, the album marks the very first collaboration between the esteemed artists and was recorded in secret between Josh’s two separate studios.

Speaking about the concept behind the record, Pop has stated that: “In American life, because it’s so hypercompetitive, what happens when you’re finally useless to everyone except hopefully not yourself? What happens then? And can you continue to be of use to yourself? I had a kind of character in mind. It was sort of a cross between myself and a military veteran.”

Meanwhile Homme; a member of Eagles Of Death Metal, has stated that his involvement in the band “saved” him in the wake of the Paris attacks which saw many innocent civilians killed when a group of gunmen attacked the band’s ill fated show at Le Bataclan Theatre.

The band will make their debut performance on The Colbert Show this evening.

The album will be released in March.