SCOTTISH independent label Olive Grove Records are celebrating their tenth anniversary with the release of a very special compilation album.

It’s a massive milestone for the label which has worked with some of the country’s finest songwriters and musicians over the years and while plans for a big party had to be shelved, they have pulled together something incredibly unique for the occasion.

‘Get Into The Grove: Years of Olive Grove features an array of new and reworked songs from the Olive Grove ‘family’, with input from some of their more recent additions, such as Pocket Knife and Moonsoup as well as new songs from Call To Mind, Randolph’s Leap, Carla J. Easton, The Moth & The Mirror and Henry & Fleetwood.

Released on 15th November, the album is available to purchase on Bandcamp. It is also available to buy on gorgeous pink and blue vinyl.

Tracklisting below

1. Campfires in Winter – White Lights
2. Moonsoup – Cheer Up, Kid! (feat. Sulka)
3. Randolph’s Leap – Planet Sound
4. The State Broadcasters – Be The Someone
5. Jo Mango – Cordelia (feat. The Madrigirls)
6. Carla J. Easton – Caught In The Midst
7. Henry & Fleetwood – Little Light
8. Pocket Knife – Pizza Song
9. The Moth & The Mirror – Bell Jar
10. Woodenbox – Punchin
11. Call To Mind – Recovery
12. The Son(s) – Silver Fingers