AN open source spreadsheet has been shared widely on social media, collating ways to purchase music directly from, and support, Ukrainian musicians and record labels amid Russia’s invasion of the country. Access the spreadsheet here.

The spreadsheet includes an extensive list of Ukrainian musicians and labels, as well as Bandcamp links and a genre guide. Those behind the spreadsheet have also encouraged people to continue to donate where possible to national and international humanitarian aid organisations as a main priority, as they work to help people affected within the country. Links to organisations such as Nova UkraineUA Hospitals and Votstok SOS are included as examples of those working to help people right now.

Over 150 artists and labels are included on the spreadsheet thus far. “PLEASE CONTINUE TO SUPPORT NATIONAL & INTERNATIONAL HUMANITARIAN AID AS THE MAIN OBJECTIVE,” organisers write.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian label ШЩЦ has also released an hour-long mix of Ukrainian music with the intention of raising awareness and funds for civilians, soldiers and volunteers, via Stand For Ukraine. All money raised through the label’s Bandcamp is also being donated to volunteers.