SNEAKY PETE’S in Edinburgh have launched a crowdfunder to support staff as they face an uncertain future in the wake of the Coronavirus crisis.

Firmly recognised as one of the nation’s best platforms for emerging talent, organisers are asking music lovers to get behind them as they look to face troubled times ahead. Faced with a moral duty to their customers yet with absolutely no government or insurance support if they close, Sneaky Pete’s need your support. Donate HERE. 

A statement from the venue reads:

“Sneaky Pete’s and our amazing staff face an uncertain future. We have received so much goodwill from you in the past for which we’re extraordinarily grateful – and we like to think you’ve had some good times with us as well!

Now is the time to show to say thanks for those good times, whether that was shots at the bar, crowdsurfing at a punk gig, getting close to tears at an intimate show, dancing to techno and disco energy at club time, or even a kiss you had in the corner. We’ve been there for you and now we need you to be there for us.

In recent years we’ve done so much work to help Grassroots Music Venues like us in Scotland, and across the UK. We don’t talk about this much, but we were instrumental along with Music Venue Trust and others in improving licensing and planning conditions, making a real difference helping to keep other venues open.

To be clear, your donations will help our staff first, and any remainder will keep the club going, paying our considerable standing costs until we can reopen.

Please help us now when we really need it”

Home to the TTV Discover tour and many other memorable gigs over the years, we encourage readers to get behind Sneaky Pete’s. Find out more here.