SWIM (Scottish Women Inventing Music) have announced a brand new initiative aimed at 12-17 year old girls called GIRL POOL.

The inaugural GIRL POOL will take place at Glasgow’s Glad Cafe on Saturday 22nd February and will feature a series of workshops, a Q&A and a live showcase. With an aim of nurturing, educating and mentoring 12-17 year old girls in music and its industries, the event will cover a variety of topics such as performance, promotion, production, composition etc across an eclectic array of genres such as indie, rock, metal, jazz, folk, classical, electronica, hip-hop and more.

SWIM have said: “The aim is to not only develop girls in music but to also show the different opportunities and careers that are available”

For those looking to take part, they have been encouraged to email scotwim@gmail.com.

SWIM is a collection of music creators and industry professionals who identify as female and who are committed to achieving a level playing field for women and pushing for gender equality across the music industry.

With a number of events organised in the coming months, keep up to date with SWIM’s activities here. 

The full programme for the very first GIRL POOL on 22nd February can be found below.

12pm – 5.30pm Workshops

Promoting your music workshop with Megan McQueen
Live Sound workshop with Carla Feuerstein
Songwriting workshop with Linzi Clark
Electronic music/production workshop with Nightwave

Workshops will each last for approximately 90 minutes.

6pm – 7pm Q&A

A live discussions and Q&A with Stina Tweeddale (Honeyblood/Iceblink Luck) and Beth Black (10AM/Bad Gals Singing Club). Stina and Beth will discuss their journeys in music, how they developed as musicians, advice they would give to aspiring musicians, obstacles and more.

7pm – 9pm Showcase

The day will end with a live showcase with three live performances from our pool of girls! Those wishing to attend the performance can make a suggested donation on the door.