“I don’t want to go to work today…” sings Serge of The S.L.P and never has a line resented more with a crowd. Amped up, well and truly in the Thursday club and ready for the proceeding hour of magical energy, Glasgow’s SWG3 welcome The S.L.P with open arms as the Kasabian star plays a debut solo show in the city.

Tonight is surely one of the best stage productions to be showcased by a debut solo artist, every beat has been matched with a lighting flick and trick. It’s all consuming. The elevated stage means that even those in the far back of the vast SWG3 space can see all the energy brought to the stage by Serge during the incredible 60 minute performance.

Recorded and produced by Serge at his Leicester studio The Sergery ‘The S.L.P.’ is an 11-track trip across hip-hop influence, richly melodic moments, psychedelic-funk, new-wave and euphoric scenes. Second single ‘Nobody Else’ is piano ballad turned sun soaked house banger follows first taste ‘Favourites’ featuring Little Simz. Other album highlights include ‘Meanwhile… At The Welcome Break’ a collaboration with man of the moment slowthai, the euphoric ‘Trance’, and psychedelic funk outs ‘The Wu’and ‘Youngest Gary’.

Serge says of the project: “Moving forward, I’d like to collaborate more and open that door more. The S.L.P. project will become this sort of place I can go and just do whatever. It’s so important to have that.

“My life in the band and my boys, that’s part of me that will be there forever, but then there’s something else I have to get that out or I won’t be able to move forward.”

And with tonight’s performance in the bag, we’d welcome back The S.L.P, Kasabian and everything in between tomorrow.

The S.L.P debut record is out now. Check it out below: