SOUTH LONDON band Bleach Lab have shared a new single called ‘Take It Slow’, while announcing their singing to Nettwerk (Mallrat, Perfume Genius, Matt Maltese).

Following the release of two well-received EPs ‘Nothing Feels Real’ and ‘A Calm Sense of Surrounding’, new single ‘Take It Slow’ finds them embracing personal control and regaining a feeling of living in the moment. Known for grappling with complex emotions against a backdrop of crystalline, dreamy indie-pop, the track follows suit – nostalgic indie guitars weaving in and out of driving basslines and Jenna Kyle’s vocals.

She explains more about the track, “‘Take It Slow’ is about finding your way and not wanting to rush through life without taking time to appreciate the view. ‘Trying to fit the space of a shape that you don’t know’, refers to not getting stuck as someone that you don’t recognise by losing sight of yourself. It is very much about being and living in the moment, being present and trying to let go of anxieties of everyday life whilst trying to view things more positively.”

Check out the video below.