OTHERWISE known as a founding member of Glasgow indie-pop group Astrid, Scottish singer-songwriter Charlie Clark is back with news of a solo album and a brand new track called ‘Don’t Have A Cow, Man!’

After finding a new lease of life in LA, Clark has returned home to share some of his most personal material to date and this new single is a first glimpse into what’s to come from that new direction.

Written at a crossroads in his life, at a time when he was tackling a growing addiction problem and torn between life in the US and Scotland, the track finds him facing down some long-standing personal issues and tackling his demons.

Using this cathartic experience to return to his roots, ‘Don’t Have A Cow, Man!’ finds joy in music, referencing the likes of Teenage Fanclub, Belle & Sebastian and Big Star in its sunny jangle-pop melodies and underlying melancholy.

Clark’s solo album ‘Late Night Drinking’ will be released later this year through Alan McGee’s latest label venture ‘It’s Creation Baby’.

Check out the track below.