crashclub_008__mg_9381_2048ncONE of Scotland’s most forward-thinking and innovative groups, the forthcoming release of Crash Club’s long awaited debut EP feels like less of a milestone for the band and more of a genuine event for the the nation’s music scene. Capable of delivering one of the most engrossing live shows that can be found anywhere, the Kilwinning/Glasgow based four piece have been the toast of the country’s music lovers for many years and have continued to expand their reach over the course of this year.

Days removed from a fantastic set at Glasgow’s St Luke’s, the band have unveiled the fantastic video for ‘Chemicals’ featuring Dougie of Mickey 9’s.

Featuring a propulsive fusion of hard-hitting beats and guitar that wouldn’t have been out of place on DFA’s roster during the New York label’s prime, ‘Chemical’s is a stellar exemplar of the band’s perfect alchemy of their rock ‘n’ roll leanings and affinity for the kind of immersive dance music which has the potential to consume the listener if they choose to let it. Featuring a typically frenetic vocal performance from the visiting Mickey 9’s frontman, its demented synth lines prove to be a perfect accompaniment for his distinct and original style.

Delivering a candid portrait of modern Glasgow which makes no attempt to aggrandize it, the track’s accompanying videos is a mix of footage shot on the city’s streets, subways and alleyways. Interspersed with flashes of commands which could be ripped straight from the pages of a George Orwell novel, the end product is an immersive experience which demands multiple viewings.

Check out the brand new video below: