SET to make their mark at our very own Tenement Trail in a couple of weeks, Dead Pony have shared their long-awaited debut EP ‘War Boys’.

The six-track collection is a culmination of years spent honing their craft, finding their lane and putting their own ferocious stamp on the alt-rock genre – and the result is nothing short of riveting.

Embracing their rockier influences more than ever, it’s an EP brimming with attitude and ambition – packing their punk and grunge influences with an almighty punch and plenty of hooks.

We’ve already heard the likes of ‘Bullet Farm’ and ‘Zero’, both of which effectively set the tone and pace as they bombard us with heavy riffs and pummelling drums. Elsewhere ‘I Don’t Need A Lot’ further reinforces their skill for melody and catchy songwriting, while ‘All Dressed Up For Nothing’ brings a more contemplative tone, allowing Anna Shields to show off her impressive vocal range.

It’s left to the brilliant ‘War Boys’ and ’23, Never Me’ to see things up, amping up the attitude and controlled chaos we heard in the opening tracks – driven by pulsating bass lines and intense lead vocals.

Behind all the frenzied guitars and heavy riffs, there’s plenty of skilful songwriting on show – from the infectious grooves to the dynamic tempo shifts to the sheer plentitude of hooks. In your face from the outset, ‘War Boys’ indicates a band who have found their lane and absolutely flourishing in it – and we get the impression they’re only just getting started.

Listen in below.