DOMICILES may be sparing in their output these days but they are a band who continue to thrive in the realm of expansive and far-reaching psychedelia.

Revered for their innovative and nuanced approach to the genre, the Fife quintet have challenged and enthralled the minds of Scotland’s music fans with all of their releases thus far. Back in the fold nearly 12 months after last year’s single ‘Only You’, we are pleased to report that band’s shape-shifting sound continues to evolve on their latest offering ‘For a Reason’.

Released via Last Night from Glasgow, ‘For a Reason’ is another bold and ambitious cut from the quintet which adds even more muscle to their enveloping sound. Driven by a stomping drumbeat, a sedate, indecipherable vocal is delivered against a trippy wash of ringing melodic guitars and droning basslines. Meandering off into a hazy twilight zone of dark and dizzying psychedelia, it’s the insistent drum beat that lends immediacy to the track as they deliver one of their most refined and muscular slices of hallucinogenic rock to date.