SEERING, rambunctious and thoroughly gripping from start to finish, the vitality of Glasgow’s The Dunts comes to the fore on new single ‘Coalition Of Chaos.’

The dawning of an exciting new phase in the band’s career, the track is both celebratory and rebellious as this discontented diatribe against the rising tide of inequality in Britain arrives a year to the day that they first descended upon a stage.

Produced by Johnny Madden and Chris Marshall, ‘Coalition Of Chaos’ sees the band’s sonic palette expand as they display what is undoubtedly the most muscular take on their sound yet. Loaded with blistering guitars and equally pervading drums that set the scene for the band’s vibrant take on the storied tradition of the protest song, if this is a prelude to what can be expected on their forthcoming EP Not Working Is Class then the band’s reputation as one of Scotland’s fastest rock ‘n’ roll bands is all but solidified.

The Dunts will play our very own Tenement Trail next week at King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut and will take to the stage at 10:15pm. Buy tickets for this year’s festival for music discovery here and check out the brand new track below: