FAST developing into one of the nation’s most compelling new bands, Dutch Wine have shared a new single called ‘Only One’.

Crafting forward-thinking alt-rock in the vein of Pixies, Radiohead and Sonic Youth to name a few, the band are entirely in their own lane when it comes to Glasgow’s rich and varied music scene – and the new single re-confirms this.

Recorded in a remote bothy in the North of Scotland, ‘Only One’ is driving, moody and atmospheric – effectively capturing the fiercely dynamic nature of their live shows. Opening with disorientating, stabbing guitars, contemplative verses lead into a soaring and anthemic chorus, driven by stomping rhythms – it’s raw, emotive and lures you in from the get-go.

Singer Calvin Smith says “I feel so much of what we’re about is present in our live performance, so it always makes sense that we try and emulate that as much as possible. Playing the songs at full volume in a tiny room together helps us all get on the same wavelength and really understand what the song is communicating.”

The band launch their new EP at Stereo in Glasgow on 10th December.

Tune in below.