EASY LIFE have shared ‘BEESWAX’, their first piece of new material since last year’s debut album ‘life’s a beach’.

A reflection on social anxiety and the tendency to overshare in this new post-lockdown world, the track sees Murray Mutravers’ stream of consciousness lyrics delivered over a modern R&B Brockhampton-esque production.

In the frontman’s own words, ‘BEESWAX’ is essentially about people being nosy. In a post-lockdown universe, it’s easy to feel like we are oversharing and living under a microscope, everything feels so much more invasive and overwhelming after being locked away for so long at home,” Matravers said.

“Social anxiety has been something I’ve always written about but I feel like this is a universal feeling now more than ever. We wanted to release ‘BEESWAX’ first because sonically it lays the foundations for what is to follow: production-wise, saturation and distortion are a massive part of it. I’ve also been playing around a lot with vocal production and enjoyed making myself sound unfamiliar. I hope easy life fans appreciate the pace and urgency of this song.”

Check it out below.

Photo by Jack Bridgland